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A type of new business development primarily found in industries where profits come from the sale of supplies and services that support a main product (e.g., business equipment) and where salespeople focus on getting buyers to purchase the main product.
Computer and information systems that allow nearly anyone in an organization that comes into contact with a customer (e.g., sales force, service force, customer service representatives) to have timely access to necessary customer information.
Characteristics of a product that offer functional and/or psychological benefits to a customer.
The fifth category within the Diffusion of Innovation consisting of a sizeable though not large percentage of a market who are primarily characterized as being reluctant to accept new products and may only do so if they have no other choice.
An indirect distribution system where the marketer involves two or more resellers who aid in selling and distributing to the final customer.
A form of advertising that intentionally inserts products into entertainment programming (e.g. movies, TV programs, video games) such as showing product use by an actor, placing product in background or having product name mentioned.
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A category within personal selling that includes those who primarily assist with the selling effort such as Technical Specialist and Office Support Personnel.
Changes to a company's initial product pricing that are consistently part of the marketer's pricing program and not adjustments that only arise as part of special promotions and include Quantity Discounts, Trade Allowances, Geographic Pricing and Special Segment Discounts.
A strategic approach whose goal is to get everyone in an organization, not just the marketer, to recognize the importance of customers.
A branding strategy in which products are given brand names that are closely connected or share the same overall name as an existing brand.
Information imprinted on Final Customer Packaging and Distribution Packaging that serves many functions such as promotion, offering product details and product purchase information (e.g., contains Universal Product Code).
A category within the products carried classification of retailers that includes retailers that carry a limited number of product lines but within these product lines they offer an extensive selection.
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Key component of the marketer's toolkit that represents decisions on the methods and strategies needed to determine what a customer will give up in exchange for obtaining value from a marketer's product.

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Potential customers who meets the requirements of a qualified sales lead and who a salesperson now targets for a sales call.
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A form of promotional price adjustment that offers discounted pricing when customers purchase several products at the same time.
A form of sales promotion, mainly used in the consumer market and primarily offered in either in print or electronic form, that provides price savings or other incentives when presented at the time of purchase.