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Consists of the strategies and tactics used to identify, create and maintain satisfying relationships with customers that result in value for both the customer and the marketer.

4.25 based on 4 reviews

Relates to marketing efforts that are intended to affect customers perception of the marketers offerings (e.g., products, company image) when compared with how customers perceive competitors offerings.

3.14 based on 7 reviews

Key component of the marketers toolkit that represents decisions on the solutions (e.g., goods, services or ideas) and strategies needed to satisfy the needs of a target market.

3.75 based on 4 reviews

Key component of the marketer's toolkit that represents decisions on the activities and strategies needed for the exchange and movement of products (goods or services) between the marketing company and the final customer.

2.6 based on 5 reviews

Key component of the marketer's toolkit that represents decisions on the methods and strategies needed to determine what a customer will give up in exchange for obtaining value from a marketer's product.


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Pricing Terms

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5 based on 1 reviews
A cost pricing method used to set a product's initial price that is used in association with Breakeven Analysis and the determination of minimum sales levels needed at different pricing points in order for a company to cover fixed costs.
5 based on 1 reviews
A competitive pricing method in which initial price is set at levels intended to be above competitors' prices.
5 based on 1 reviews
A form of promotional price adjustment that offers discounted pricing when customers purchase several products at the same time.
A process for setting the initial price for a product that relies on analysis of market research to determine what customers perceive as an acceptable price and includes such methods as Backward Pricing, Psychological Pricing and Price Lining.
5 based on 1 reviews
A form of sales promotion and a form of special pricing program, used in both consumer and business markets, that is designed to increase product demand by offering a short-term price reduction (i.e., sale price).

Sales Terms

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4.5 based on 2 reviews
A type of new business development primarily found in industries where profits come from the sale of supplies and services that support a main product (e.g., business equipment) and where salespeople focus on getting buyers to purchase the main product.
4.2 based on 5 reviews
A person or organization exhibiting key characteristics that suggest to a salesperson that further information gathering is warranted in order to determine (i.e., qualify) whether they are a sales prospect.
3.5 based on 2 reviews
Promotional methods using short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market or distribution channel, generally through an incentive, to respond or undertake certain activity.
5 based on 1 reviews
Potential customers who meets the requirements of a qualified sales lead and who a salesperson now targets for a sales call.
5 based on 2 reviews
A category within personal selling that includes those who primarily assist with the selling effort such as Technical Specialist and Office Support Personnel.

Product Terms

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A sub-category of the order influencer sales classification in which salespeople make sales calls to those who influence others, through advice or requirements, to make purchases the most common of which are found in the pharmaceutical and higher education textbook industries.
3.33 based on 3 reviews
A type of advertising directed toward the promotion of a specific product to a targeted audience.
A component of the Total Product offered by the marketer, this represents part of the product that is used (i.e., product features) as well as other elements that are included such as branding, packaging and labeling.
A category of consumer products with characteristics that include: appeals to large market segment, purchase is frequent; pricing is relatively low; and product is widely distributed.
5 based on 1 reviews
A branding strategy in which products are given brand names that are newly created and generally not connected to names of existing brands offered by the company.

Distribution Terms

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3 based on 2 reviews
A non-binding arrangement between channel members to engage in a business relationship that allows channel members to move away from the relationship if they feel it is not in their best interest.
5 based on 1 reviews
A distribution design where a marketer reaches the intended final customer by distributing a product indirectly through resellers who generally take ownership of the product and in doing so the resellers assume many responsibilities to help sell the product.
A distribution design where a marketer reaches the intended final customer by distributing the product directly to the customer and includes Direct Marketing Systems, Direct Retail Systems, Personal Selling Systems and Assisted Marketing Systems.
A type of warehouse where product storage is a temporary activity with products being received from many suppliers and then quickly shipped to many customers.
5 based on 1 reviews
Packaging generally offering a higher level of damage protection than the final customer package and used to transport the final customer package through the supply chain often within a multiple unit container.