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A target marketing strategy that uses a single marketing strategy to appeal to one or more small sub-segments within a larger market segment.
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A type of advertising directed toward the promotion of a specific product to a targeted audience.
For some products this level of packaging surrounds the first-level package for the purpose of added protection or to serve as the primary package.
Consists of those within an organization that impact purchase decisions and includes those serving in the roles of buyer, decider, influencer, user, initiator and gatekeeper.
A person or organization that a marketer believes will benefit from the products offered by the marketer's organization and includes Existing Customers, Former Customers and Potential Customers.
An important component in determining the cost of a product, these represent costs the marketing organization incurs for a product regardless of level of production or sales.
A component of the internal influences on consumer buying behavior that represents what a person values out of life by the activities they engage in and the interests they express.
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A type of business purchase decision faced by buyers considering an important purchase but one the buyer has never or rarely made before and, consequently, will devote considerable time evaluating alternatives.
The intentional use of olfactory elements, such as an odor or fragrance, for the purpose of enhancing customers' experience with a product.
A type of account management selling where salespeople sell products to be used by a business and do so with the intention of being involved in additional transactions as the relationship between the buyer and seller grows.
A component of the external influences on consumer buying behavior that represents the behavior, beliefs and way people act learned through interaction and observation of other members of society.
The package containing the purchased product the final customer receives in exchange for payment.
The fourth category within the Diffusion of Innovation consisting of up to one-third of the overall market who are primarily characterized as preferring to take a wait-and-see approach before trying something new.
A sub-category of the order getter sales classification in which salespeople locate and sell to new customers then once a sale is made pass this customers on to others in their organization who handle account maintenance.
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Key component of the marketers toolkit that represents decisions on the solutions (e.g., goods, services or ideas) and strategies needed to satisfy the needs of a target market.

A form of sales promotion, used in both consumer and business markets, that gives customers the opportunity to experience products, often in small quantities or for a short duration, without purchasing the product.